At Zarr Hair, your highly qualified hair stylist has been equipped with the knowledge in all aspects of hair cutting. You will experience a thorough hair, scalp and styling consultation where your stylist will listen to your biggest concerns, and together with you will provide suggestions to help you overcome these.

Your stylist attends numerous training sessions resulting in the use of the latest techniques best suited to your hair type such as point cutting, precision cutting, chipping, slicing, gliding and texturising. Your stylist will also ensure the balance of the haircut by cross checking every section throughout the cutting process and will check from many different angles along the way. Whether you have short hair, fine hair, thick hair or hair loss, your stylist is equipped with the technical ability to shape a hairstyle to suit you and your lifestyle.

At Zarr Hair we look at hair cutting as what is left on the head, not by how much is on the floor. With a strong clientele filled with both men and women, our skills continue to grow and keep up to date with the latest trending fashions.

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At Zarr Hair we choose the De Lorenzo Novacolor range. These hair colours impart shine, gloss and manageability. They have excellent longevity and an extensive colour range. Truly the jewel in the De Lorenzo crown, this celebrated professional colour range is the only professional colour range on the market today that is manufactured in Australia specifically for our climate and conditions.

Novacolour is a complete range of low ammonia based colours designed to resist fading from our harsh sun. Novacolour has an infusion of Australian native plant extracts and protein complexes to ensure truer, richer, longer-lasting colour with unmatched shine and condition.

The team at Zarr Hair have worked previously with other colour companies, De Lorenzo is like nothing we have used before. The feedback from our clients has been phenomenal.

  • Maintains hair in a superior condition
  • Delivers hair dyes deep into the hair for rich, long-lasting colour
  • Reduces colour fadeout from shampooing and sun exposure
  • Enhances tonality, luminosity, coverage and intensity
  • Provides optimum gloss and vitality
  • Leaves hair less damaged after colouring

We offer a great understanding on what colours suit each skin tone, eye colour and how to apply them to help show off a new haircut. Whether it be using foils, in unique sections or different tones of tint to add depth to the style, the team at Zarr Hair will have you walking out of the salon like a supermodel.

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Zarr Hair has become a one stop shop for all your hair and beauty needs. We offer a great range of beauty services including:

  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Eyebrow tinting
  • Eyelash tinting – tinting results in beautiful, well-defined lashes and brows and a little more free time in the morning. We use premium long lasting professional tints for our eyelashes and eyebrow colouring and carry a wide range of colour options. Our expert therapists will be able to guide you in the right colour option and timing.

We can also give you that summer glow, with our spray tan service. Using only the highest quality tan, Moroccan tan gives you a natural yet noticeable glow. Pre care and post care for spray tans:

  • If you wax, please do so at least 48-72 hours prior to your tan appointment
  • If you shave, please do so the night before you tan, using high quality moisturiser after, remembering to rinse this off on the day of the tan
  • Use a loofah or mit to exfoliate your skin on the day of the treatment to remove any dry skin or any other products that may be on the skin
  • On the day of your tan appointment avoid using any perfumes, moisturisers or deoderant products on the skin, as it may act as an inhibitor and affect the desired result
  • Bring dark coloured, lose fitting and light weight clothes to wear after your tan application. We would recommend no bra, or tops with straps as they may rub the tan off and leave marks
  • The tan will generally over spray, leaving you looking a bit dirty / spotty. Once you have your first shower these will all rinse off and you will be left with a beautiful even glow
  • Leave the tan on for 2-4 hours before showering. Once in the shower do NOT use any soaps, scrubs or washes. Just let the cool water run the excess spray off. Once tan is rinsed, pat dry with a towel and avoid scrubbing
  • The colour will continue to process over the next 12 hours, so if it doesn’t feel as dark once you have rinsed don’t stress.
  • For the longevity of the tan, we recommend moisturising daily

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For the bride-to-be, a dreamy debutante or even a special night out, having a professional make-up application can make you feel absolutely beautiful. Using only the best from Gorgeous Cosmetics, your make-up will glow, giving you the flawless finish with a long lasting effect. With either a beautiful smokey eye or a bold lip, your look will be complete with a range of eyelashes to choose from.

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Hair Up – Blow Wave

All blow wave appointments include a customized De Lorenzo shampoo and condition service, a relaxing scalp massage, a magical blow dry and the finish of your choice, including soft waves or a straighten.

A personalised look for a special occasion. The team at Zarr Hair will work with you to choose a beautiful modern or boho up style, from a chic chignon to a vintage set, we will have you looking red carpet ready. For our brides, our graduates and even our ladies who just want a bit of style for a night out, our goal is to work with you to design a style that will go with your outfit, your hair and your all together look. The team at Zarr Hair find inspiration from traditional hair ups and really enjoy putting their own swing on it to personalise it to create a masterpiece for each client.

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Olaplex is a breakthrough chemistry treatment that multiplies bonds and cross links broken bonds in the hair. Free of silicone, oils, sulphates, phthalates, DEA and aldehydes the technology reconnects hair bonds that are broken during thermal, mechanical or chemical services, making the hair stronger than they were before improving the integrity of the hair. Olaplex works from the inside out making the treatment more beneficial the more times you use it. Olaplex is recommended in all colouring services, it allows your hair to be coloured to that dream colour without the risk of breakage or damage.

We also offer instant treatments which will help lock in any colour service, giving your colour extra longevity, strength and shine. Our moisturising treatment involves a mix of natural oil and protein sprays which will help fill, strengthen and restore any damage to your hair. It is then massaged into the hair and scalp. Being rinsed with a suited shampoo and conditioner designed for you. We then use a hydrating mask which will remain in your hair, wrapped up in a hot towel and put under heat to ensure all the natural goodness soaks in as much as possible. Followed by a magical head massage, your hair will feel like silk!

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Hair Extensions

The team at Zarr Hair are all trained to apply tape in hair extensions. We use a company that only use the best quality hair. It begins with a consultation to match your colour, length and thickness of your hair. Once that is complete, we order the hair. It then takes about 1 hour to apply and cut them into style. If you want longer, thicker hair but your hair just wont grow, this is the answer for you!

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